White Wolf Lodge

The White Wolf Lodge and associated duplex cabins, located off of the Tioga Road.  So White Wolf Lodge are aging structures that are in need of rehabilitation. I addition originally the site of early homesteaders, the conversion to a Lodge was completed in 1926. But privately run by the Meyer Family.

So two duplexes were also completed during this conversion. And in the 1930s the family added additional hard-sided cabins and tent platforms.

White Wolf Lodge Lodge is a secluded retreat 33 miles from Yosemite Valley. In spite of this, Lodge is the best place if you want to get to Lukens and Harden Lakes. The atmosphere of stunning peace and solitude is what distinguishes the White Wolf Lodge. And all this because there is a field spread around, and also a pine forest in which it is so easy to breathe.

Typical for the park and all the nearby hotels at the White Wolf Lodge are small houses. And only 24 cabins with an awning and four traditional wooden houses with separate baths.

In the center of White Wolf Lodge is a house with a porch in a rustic style. This is the central dining room. Usually guests gather there. Guests come all day long to relax or just have fun. Guests are requested to understand that it is forbidden to cook inside or outside their cabin. This is due to the fact that would not disturb the tranquility of the primordial nature.

We offer two types of houses.

Cabins with awning
For companies of 4 people, wooden tents are best suited. In these tents the same wooden floors. There is the most necessary for guests. For example, beds and what is needed for an overnight stay – sheets, blankets. As befits a rustic style, there is a wood stove and a supply of firewood. Next to these tents are shower rooms. And also toilets.
Also note that there is no electricity in these categories. And there is no cleaning.

Traditional cabins with bathroom
And here are the traditional cabins. They are also made of wood. But already offer heaters. And also, unlike awnings and a separate bathroom. In the houses there is a table, a chair. As well as a wardrobe. 2 double beds linens.
To the convenience of vacationers there is electricity for lighting and heat. At the same time, a janitor is at your service. And it should be noted that the cleaner is cleaned regularly.

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November 25, 2018

this is camping. not a hotel. and many are upset because they expect some luxury and convenience. here it is not. and this is not the point here.
here the main thing is the park itself. in which everyone must visit at least once.
and also – learn in advance how to heat the stove so that the heat would last for a long time. they give enough firewood, but not everyone understands how to do it so that the heat is enough until the morning.

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