Half Dome Village Yosemite

First of all since 1899, Half Dome Village has been welcoming travelers to Yosemite National Park. Also with its tented camp with comfortable and responsible lodging with spectacular views of Glacier Point and Half Dome.

Half Dome Village is nestled in the Yosemite Valley. Half Dome Village offers a variety of accommodation options. For example, a motel. As well as cabins with private toilets. In addition, there are tents without amenities.

Half Dome Village is an extremely popular holiday destination. There is nothing more popular in Yosemite Park. It should be noted that his popularity is so great that Half Dome Village is sold quickly. And if you plan to stay here, then book in advance. If you do not make a reservation in at least 10-12 months, you may not be able to come to us.

Half Dome Village what options exist:

46 Yosemite Cabins with Private Baths
14 Cabins in which there is a comfortable bath
403 Tents for tents
18 standard motel rooms

Half Dome Village is located in the south central part of the Yosemite Valley.
Keep in mind that in the park almost all residential areas are not equipped with electronic devices. For example, there are no TVs and no air conditioners.

But there are wooden cabins. They are quite simple comfort. But there is a bath. As well as one double, one double and one double or two double beds. Despite the fact that the cabins have a private bathroom, the remaining electronic devices are not represented. So there is no phone or TV in them. And most importantly, you are offered privacy with nature.

After exploring the fresh air, you probably want to eat. And everything about food in the park is abundant.

Restaurants Yosemite delight diversity. For example, from pizza and snacks to luxury cafes. And it does not matter if you stay for a day or a week. All restaurants are waiting for you.


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November 25, 2018

complete state of privacy. You are right in nature, in the park. forget about everything. There is no internet and no phone is running. only nature and you. real rest.
if you want to come here, here are two tips for you – book strongly in advance. and the second point is parking. as a very popular place in the parking lot is very difficult to find a free place. so here’s my advice – come early.

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